SkyGen is a supplier of laboratory equipment, reagents and chemical reagents for research laboratories and centers.

We have been selecting and delivering the necessary materials and equipment for experiments in the field of NGS sequencing, genome editing CRISPR-CAS, PCR and nucleic acid isolation of world life-science brands since 2012. During this time 3,000 laboratories in Russia and the CIS countries have become our clients.

We help you start up and configure your instruments, as well as perform verification and calibration of general laboratory equipment and amplifiers.

Our goal is to make reagents, equipment and services available to Russian scientific laboratories. Our specialty is scientific support.
The expert team consists of molecular biologists, biotechnologists, and bioengineers who understand the processes of laboratory diagnostics from the inside out and know which products are suitable in each case. We cooperate directly with research institutes, genomic centers and laboratories in Russia.

We were the first ones who make available to scientists such brands as NEB, Oxford Nanopore, 10X Genomics, Nimagen, and Hanil Scientific.

In 2019, we organized our own production of plastic flacks for biotechnological and pharmaceutical enterprises, which are suitable for automated lines.

In 2021, we became leaders in sales of equipment for quality control of NGS libraries from Agilent Technologies.

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